Weed Control


Weed control involves in eliminating harmful plants from your garden or crop. These plants compete with the local flora and fauna’s resources. This type of fumigation is important to agriculture as weeds can slow down the cultivation of crop. Weed control is systematic procedure to remove and eliminate the weed population in your area of concern, using pesticides that do not harm the surrounding flora and fauna. Kilpest 40 years of experience has developed a system in conducting a weed control service and is equipped to deal with any infestation that you may be experiencing.

Our service includes but not limited to:

Prices are subjected to size of the property and extent of damage caused by Weed. Kilpest offers a personal service experience to our customers and professional advice to save you money, time and unnecessary costs. We always ensure that our clients are pest free after treatment and offer periodic inspection services to maintain a pest free premises.

We offer personal services and professional advice.

We always ensure that our client’s property is pest free after treatment and recommend regular inspections to maintain a pest free premises.