Rodent Treatment

Untidy conditions and poor housekeeping promote ideal breeding grounds. Rodents burrow in grounds too and harbour between building materials feeding on waste food and refuse. It is important to dispose of waste regularly at designated refuse tip sites, to minimise infestation. Rodents are a notifiable pest and if an owner of a property is undergoing a serious infestation it is required to engage the services of a professional pest control company to assist to rid the property of an infestation. As rodents carry fleas and bubonic plague is spread by rodents.

The world population of rodents (rat & mice) has always been high and is constantly growing. Area’s that usually experience a high rodent presence are:

1)  Central business district (CBD).

2) Industrial and commercial districts.

3) Residential near dense fields or large grounds.

4) Restaurants.

5) Malls.

6) Factories that store food and many more.

Our rodent treatment services include but not limited to the following:

Kilpest services for rodent treatment is inspect, treat and monitor. Based on the extent of the infestation the treatment and monitor are done on a monthly or quarterly basis. We also offer eco-friendly services which is trap and removal. Prices are subjected to the size of the property and extent of infestation.

We offer personal services and professional advice.

We always ensure that our client’s property is pest free after treatment and recommend regular inspections to maintain a pest free premises.