Export Fumigation

Export fumigation is a legal requirement by international trade regulators for export and import of goods. It is required by the buyer from a foreign country to have a fumigation certificate by a licensed fumigator when importing goods. This requirement is generally targeting shipment’s that utilises wood materials for packing goods that are being exported.

The purpose of this regulation is but not limited to:

1) Fumigate for termites

2) Fumigate for transmitting harmful living organisms

3) Fumigate for pests that could be infested within the cargo.

The shipment is normally fumigated after packing cargo into container as this is the most effective method of fumigation because the gas circulates in the closed container and reduces the spread of gas outside. However, when it comes to produce that is directed for consumption a different fumigation method must be carried out.

Kilpest has the necessary equipment and experience to conduct such complex fumigation procedures and some of our services include:


Prices are subjected to size of the container and shipment. Kilpest offers a personal service experience to our customers and professional advice to save you money, time and unnecessary repair costs.

We offer personal services and professional advice.

We always ensure that our client’s property is pest free after treatment and recommend regular inspections to maintain a pest free premises.