Fish Moth

Fish Moths are also known as Silverfish can be identified by a small silver wingless insect with a fish like appearance as seen in the image above. These insects left untreated may cause damage to clothes and linen.


An infestation can build quickly because a female fish moth/silverfish can lay up to 60 eggs at a time and the larvae damage clothes by leaving holes when eating on the fabric. The adults do not feed on the fabric only the larvae do, and they feed on fabric because of the carbohydrates and sugars found in them, however, in most cases the damage found on clothes is purely originated from their destructive nature to damage material.

1)  Fish moths are attracted to paper and damp clothing.

2) They thrive in cupboards and other less disturbed places within the home, office, warehouse ect..

3) Areas like garages, basements, warehouses, laundry rooms and cupboards are suitable places for fish moths/silverfish.

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