Beetle Treatment & Compliance

Home owners have become accustomed to sharing their living space with insects. However, beetle and drywood termites are insects that can cause serious damage to any structure that utilises wood as support beams, flooring and ceilings. An infestation can lead to the home, office, factory or storage facility deemed inhabitable or a hazard for employees to work in, as the structure may collapse due to infestation of beetle.

How do you know you have beetle in your home, office, restaurant or factory? Here are some signs to look out for:

  • Beetles love wooden floors, so keep a lookout for light to dark brown droppings or frass (technical term for beetle droppings) residue protruding from your floor and if blown away is followed by hole the size of a pencil nip. Frass is a clear indication of beetle activity.
  •      Roof Timber: Wood- borer/beetle infest themselves in the structural parts of the roof. The older homes are normally prone to these problems due to the timber having lost its effect if it was treated previously.

Kilpest has approximately 40 years of experience in dealing with these kinds of unwanted pests.
We are equipped to treat all types of infestation or recent build-up of beetle infestation.

Our beetle treatment & compliance services include but not limited to:

Prices are subjected to the size of the property and extent of damage caused by wood borer. We charge R575 for beetle compliance certificates, certificates are only issued after the structure has been cleared by one of our certified beetle inspectors. We offer discounts to real estate agents based on referrals . Kilpest is equipped to handle any infestation in a professional manner and offers personal advice to your pest problems.

We offer personal services and professional advice.

We always ensure that our client’s property is pest free after treatment and recommend regular inspections to maintain a pest free premises.