Ant Treatment

The population of ants worldwide is extremely high with 14000 difference species and subspecies. Therefore, it is common to experience ants invading your house, office, restaurant and warehouse.


 Ants nest almost everywhere but enjoy nesting close to wood and sand. Water can cause them to flee into your structure fast and start invading your home, especially if a nest has been flooded. Ant control is structured to control the invasion and terminate the ants if there is visible traffic flow into your premises. The fumigation process usually consisting of targeting the area that is being invaded and treating the perimeter. This will assist to control ants from entering your premises.

Kilpest has been in existence for nearly 40 years and over the years has developed a unique system for ant control. We endeavour to reduce the ants from invading your office, home, restaurant or warehouse. As the population of ants is so high and with such numbers an invasion is imminent, we promise to gain control of the invasion, so your area becomes pest free.

Our Ant treatment includes but is not limited to:


Kilpest offers a personal service experience to our customers and professional advice to save you money, time and unnecessary repair costs. We always ensure that our clients are pest free after treatment and offer periodic inspection services to maintain pest free premises. Prices are subjected to the size of the property and extent of infestation.

We offer personal services and professional advice.

We always ensure that our client’s property is pest free after treatment and recommend regular inspections to maintain a pest free premises.